Subcontractor Advocacy

ASA works at both the Federal and State levels to make the changes necessary to protect subcontractor rights with regard to prompt pay, fair procurement policies, harmful indemnity clauses, retention practices, egregious and abusive contract terms, OSHA rules and economic and tax rules, just to name a few.

A wealth of information and educational opportunities are at your fingertips as an ASA member.

The American Subcontractors Association of Arizona (ASA) partners with other construction trade association on advocacy efforts through Arizona State Contractors Coalition (ASCC) on behalf of the construction industry and specialty contractors statewide. Our goal is to improve and safeguard the business environment for companies like yours throughout Arizona — protecting our rights, including the right to get paid, lien rights, and fair risk transfer.

In order to work most effectively on your behalf we need your assistance. Your voice IS your vote. State leaders, including legislators in the Arizona State Senate and House of Representatives are influenced by the voters, their constituents — YOU. You can make your voice heard by signing up to be a member of the Arizona State Contractors Coalition Legislative Action Team, and by encouraging co-workers, employees, family and friends to do the same. There is no cost; this is not a donation request.

Benefits of Membership

ASA membership immediately connects you to resources, benefits, and information. Membership in ASA is organizational. Your ASA membership is open to any employee of your firm and participation by a variety of personnel within your firm is encouraged. ASA of Arizona, Inc. is an important source of professional growth for construction specialty contractors and suppliers. The American Subcontractors Association is recognized as the united voice dedicated to improving the business environment in the construction industry, and has over 5,500 member companies nationwide. Through a varied program, ASA provides its members with opportunities to develop their business skills and keep in touch with the latest trends in construction. MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN TO ALL SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS AND ANY SUPPLIER OR ASSOCIATE THAT PROVIDES SERVICES TO THE SUBCONTRACTING COMMUNITY. Here are a few examples of how ASA membership works for you!

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